Multidisciplinary team

Previous findings and new experimental data from psychology and cognitive neurosciences is used everyday by our team to guide the understanding of a wide range of neuropsychological mechanisms of interest.


The development of novel applied electronics and the investigation of electromagnetic fields, guided by neurophysiology, enables better electroencephalographic (EEG) designs. The subsequent systematic integration of previous and new neurophysiological data acquired with Neuroverse’s customized EEG electronics, leads to stepwise optimization of the system design.


Our strong core of neurosciences and advanced signal processing allows for valuable methodological advances. We have developed neuroscience-guided statistical methods that enable effective assessment of relevant parameters and brain signal modulations correlated with detection, evaluation and use of mental processes of interest, at both group and individual levels. The full integration of the fundamental and applied complementary expertise from the Neuroverse team members led to the development of a brain interface multipurpose platform, suitable for both medical and everyday life experiences.