Mind the Brain®

American Headache Society Meeting, 2017


The Neuroverse team presents exciting new research on “Monitoring of neural modulations for the prediction of migraine attacks”, with migraine patients using the BrainStation® and BrainVitalsM® at home to self monitor brain state changes associated with the migraine cycle (Pavão-Martins et al., 2017, Headache 57(3):220pp). Learn more about the American Headache Society


The BrainStation® showcased on Netflix's Bill Nye Saves the World


Neuroverse had the pleasure of participating on the second season of Netflix's Bill Nye Saves the World (S2E3: We Suck at Sleeping). It was so much fun to join the crew and showcase the BrainStation's® EEG sleep tracker. Always into promoting science! Watch the episode now.


Society for Neurosciences 2017


The Neuroverse team presents new research on “A novel mobile video game to assess the neural correlates of visual working memory for the BrainStation® wearable EEG system”, with exciting results on the use of a mobile game to assess and investigate the neural underpinnings of memory. Learn more about the Society for Neuroscience.


Science of the Marvel Cinematic Universe


Neuroverse's CEO, Dr. Gil-da-Costa, had the pleasure of joining other colleagues as an invited speaker for the Science and Entertainment Exchange - National Academy of Sciences and Marvel Studios panel "Science of the Marvel Cinematic Universe". It was a blast to brainstorm about science and super heroes, and of course make the point on how closely related Neuroverse and Stark Industries are on brain interfaces. Watch the panel here.


Web Summit 2016


Neuroverse technology takes the stage at Web Summit in November. During the Health Conference, Dr. Gil-da-Costa talks about the need to scale, mobilize and personalize mental health and presents what Neuroverse can do in the fields of neuropsychiatric disorders (such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease), Migraine prediction, brain wellness and anxiety disorders. Click here to view the talk.


Society for Neuroscience 2016


The Neuroverse team presents new research on a “Novel mobile video game and electroencephalography system to assess the neural correlates of attention” demonstrating the BrainStation® system as a powerful tool to assess neural modulation associated with attention in everyday life settings. Learn more about the Society for Neuroscience.


Float Conference 2016


Neuroverse CEO, Dr. Ricardo Gil-da-Costa, joins colleagues as an invited speaker at Float Conference 2016 in Portland, Oregon. In collaboration with the Laureate Institute for Brain Research and Just Float, Neuroverse’s BrainStation® is being used to record real-time patterns of neural activity during float sessions. This research can lead to powerful new avenues for sustained mental health, as well as innovative therapies for neuropsychiatric disorders. Watch the talk here.


How Neuroverse's BrainStation could fix VR's biggest problem


"Wearable tech is continuing to shift beyond fitness and there's been a noticeable move to brain analysing devices through 2016.
Neuroverse's BrainStation is one such example. The company's inaugural device has been in the works since 2012, and is still to get a release. The device is set to be a kind of Fitbit for the brain, which looks to solve a host of neurological problems, such as dementia in our ageing population." Read more.


The Best Little Brain Reader Your Money Can't Buy (Yet)


"Let’s be honest: it would be really cool to have a wearable personal brain-computer interface (BCI) that would monitor your brain waves while you do all your favorite activities. Not to mention being able to operate smart phone apps using your thoughts alone. That day is closer than you think.

Meet the BrainStation—your brain interface for everyday life. The creation of a company called Neuroverse, it’s basically a FitBit for your brain." Read more.



Avengers Reassemble

Neuroverse is truly excited to once again partner with Victory Hill and Marvel to bring to life the Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N.! This time the Avengers are setting up shop in Las Vegas, and they are here to stay. Amongst other exciting interactives, don’t miss the Iron Man Neural Interface (HUD) to see your own brainwaves in real time! And charge and fly Iron Man’s suit with a unique Neuroverse brain interface. Watch a sneak peek


Surf, PTSD and Everyday Life

Neuroverse collaborates with Dr. Justin Feinstein from the Laureate Brain Research Institute and with Sunday Night 7 news to investigate brain patterns during float clinics and surfing, and its implications for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Therapy. These are the type of insights that can be made possible with a brain interface for everyday life! Read More


Float Hopes

Neuroverse collaborates with Dr. Justin Feinstein, Director of the Float Clinic and Research Center at the Laureate Brain Research Institute, to study brain function during sensory deprivation floating and the exciting potential applications for the treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and general anxiety. The unique capabilities of our brain interface allow for real time neural recordings during the floats, as well as advanced analysis of these brain patterns, and we couldn’t be more excited to collaborate with Dr. Feinstein on this incredible and innovative mental health program! Read More


Decoding The Brain: Universal Decoder

by Larry Greenemeier, Scientific American Mind Special Issue, November/December 2014

Another example of a basic universal decoder is on display through January 4, 2015, at New York City’s Discovery Times Square, where Marvel’s Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. exhibition gives fans the ability to experience an interactive head-up display similar to Iron Man’s. A three-electrode wireless EEG sensor activates the display when a visitor presses his or her forehead against it. The sensor also helps users navigate the display to watch video clips, play games and see their brain waves in real time, although eye-tracking sensors and software also assist with the navigation. The system was built with redundancy to ensure that it worked reliably for the large crowds visiting the exhibit... Read More


Neuroverse congratulates Dr. Gregory Light on receiving the prestigious Sidney R. Baer, Jr. Prize for Innovative and Promising Schizophrenia Research

Neuroverse congratulates our close collaborator and advisor Dr. Gregory Light on being awarded the prestigious Sidney R. Baer, Jr. Prize for Innovative and Promising Schizophrenia Research by the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation

Dr. Light has been a pioneer in translational research, focused on establishing reliable neurophysiological brain markers of neuropsychiatric disorders and novel ways to structure them into diagnostic and therapeutic solutions. We are extremely proud of our collaborative partnership with Dr. Light, integrating Neuroverse's technology into this research and its applications.  

Click here for more information on Dr. Light's work.


Join Neuroverse and NASA for a classified S.H.I.E.L.D. briefing

Neuroverse is thrilled to be part of this year's San Diego Comic-Con, joining NASA at the special S.H.I.E.L.D. panel to debrief agents on the science and technology used at Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. Our very own CEO, Dr. Ricardo Gil-da-Costa, is part of this specialist advisors team, and will discuss classified information on cutting-edge brain research and brain-machine interface (BMI) technology. Click here for top secret briefing information.


Behind the Scenes at Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N.: Where the Real Heroes Work for IT

by Lance Ulanoff, Mashable on September 4, 2014

We're standing in an almost too narrow space; tall black walls on one side, bright white with wood and aluminum framing on the other. The ground is snaked with cables and in the distance I hear the Hulk roar. Fighting back rising claustrophobic panic, I ease my way further in to find the magic behind the Avengers, or at least the Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N exhibit... Read More


Marvel Comics Gets Inside the Heads of the Avengers

by Larry Greenemeier, Scientific American on August 21, 2014

The job of creating superheroes has become more complicated in the 50-plus years since Marvel Comics first assembled the Avengers to fight evil. Audiences today still crave fantastical adventures but at the same time demand a greater degree of plausibility. In response Marvel gathered a real-life team of scientists to ensure that its Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. Exhibition currently on display in New York City’s Times Square... Read More


Scientists Bring Comic-Con Attendees Into the Avengers Science Program

by Kyle Hill, Nerdist on July 29, 2014

When astronomer and science communicator Phil Plait took the stage at a packed ballroom during this year’s Comic-Con, he addressed all the attendees as “new recruits.” The audience was a bit perplexed until he revealed that the panel would serve as the scientific training required to become a part of Marvel’s S.T.A.T.I.O.N. network... Read More


Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. Scientists Explain The Hulk's Transformation at Comic-Con 2014

by Marvel Entertainment on July 26, 2014

The big brains from Avengers S.T.A.T.I.ON. stop by Marvel LIVE! at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 to give us the science behind Hulk's transformation, Hawkeye's perfect accuracy, and how the bifrost... Read More


Neuroverse Joins Marvel's Avengers

Neuroverse is partnering with Victory Hill Exhibitions in the new Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. to assist in the development of scientific content and in the integration of its novel brain assessment technology in an interactive display. "We are thrilled to collaborate in this unique endeavor, as it delves into science and technology “hot topics” within the framework of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers. The S.T.A.T.I.O.N. enables a broad educational outreach for STEM while providing fantastic entertainment" said Dr. Ricardo Gil-da-Costa, who created the neurosciences content and led this partnership. "It has been an amazing experience to work alongside creative partners, such as NASA, to develop this singular environment. We believe that the integrated content and Neuroverse’s novel technology in brain-machine-interfaces will excite everyone, significantly contributing to better public understanding, while creating a fun one-of-a-kind experience." Read More


Neuroverse technology presented at The New York Academy of Sciences

Dr. Gregory Light, Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at UC San Diego and Associate Director of the Clinical Neuroscience Unit, presented at The New York Academy of Sciences recent results from a partnership between Neuroverse and UC San Diego on the use of our brain assessment technology to detect modulations of an important biomarker of neuropsychiatric disorders. His talk was featured in the symposium "Translational Neuroscience in Psychiatry: Light at the End of the Tunnel", stressing the importance of translational solutions for mental pathologies. "For biomarkers to take off, we need to get out of specialty laboratories and into real-world clinical settings" said Dr. Light. "Neuroverse groundbreaking technology is bringing a much needed, personalized and mobile brain-approach to mental health."

Neuroverse continues to partner with leading researchers and clinicians working in a variety of pathologies to develop translational advances for mental health.